This is Mim - the Miriam in Miriam and Starling (in case that wasn’t obvious). Mim moved to Maine in 1987 and started a tailor business in a barn attached to the old farm house my parents bought in the early 70’s. Prior to that she ran her business from home as a single Mom raising three girls - all told she has about 60 years experience making clothes. My point is that she is a badass, and also happens to be my grandmother. She taught me to sew when I was six. And today at 90, she looks great (see photo) and has decided she needs another project. So I just wanted you all to know who the heart, technical consultant and quality control is behind Miriam and Starling. Side note: she’s not stoked I decided to name the line after her, but she says she’ll deal ;)








Charles Starling

Starling is Mim’s great-grandson and my nephew. He has four year’s experience being a young boy who knows how to play hard and put his clothing to the test. He is our primary prototype tester and the inspiration behind the line. The fashion industry has been working hard to ruin our planet, and we would really like Starling’s kids to be able to enjoy this planet as much as he has. So with Miriam Starling we are creating timeless, durable and sustainable clothing that Starling will be able to hand down to future generations.



Sara is my ‘big’ sister and Charlie Starling's Mom. She attended Central Saint Martins for fashion design. She is designing tiny garments and helping with marketing. She designed and sewed her first hemp pants back in 2005. She truly walks the walk when it comes to a sustainable lifestyle. She’s an expert in used clothes shopping and is an amazing vegan cook who can trick me into thinking I’m eating cheese when it’s actually hemp seed. 



That’s me – the voice behind Miriam Starling. I’m Starling’s Aunt and Miriam’s Granddaughter.
I have a background in apparel design and just completed my master’s at Parsons School of Design where I focused on textile innovation, material recycling, product lifecycle and sustainable practices in the fashion industry. I’m excited to bring Miriam Starling to life from my home on island 12 miles off the coast of Maine.